Why you should never buy anything on the web without a money-back guarantee

Copyright 2006 John Piper

The influence of the web is far-reaching and ever growing.
It is changing the way we think and the way we do things.
Never more so than in how we shop. Every day billions of
dollars changes hands as people buy what they want on the
web. A few short years ago this was not possible. But the
web also means that some products can be delivered by
digital download at zero cost.

In the past a big argument against money back guarantees
was cost -- it was considered to be too expensive. Business
is all about making money and if we are to consider this
issue properly we must look at both points of view.

The businessman, or woman, is generally in business to make
money and most decisions are taken on that basis. This is
not to say that many business people do not also believe
strongly in their product and in the value that product
brings to society.

But a full "no questions asked" money back guarantee can be
good for business because:
 1. The business is showing it has confidence in its products
 and this will help sell more.
 2. The business is putting its money where its mouth
is which will again help sell more. 
 3. Such a guarantee shows a depth of sincerity and a continued
 interest in the worth of the product beyond the point of sale.

On the other side of the coin you get the worry that
customers will engage in ?digital theft? and will rip you
off. Well, guess what? They will! But only very few, much,
much less than you might imagine, and the ones that rip you
off are the losers not the business.

The business does not lose because it will sell more
product even after any refund claims. Those who abuse the
situation would never have paid anyway so there is no loss
of revenue there ? and these people are the losers because
of the way they live their lives. This needs further
explanation. We live in a society where trust and
reputation are important. We also live in a society of
abundance and where virtually anything is possible. It is
my experience that if you trust people they reward that
trust. But I do not give a person that many chances. If my
trust is abused it is not given again. The person who has
abused trust loses his reputation and doors start to close.
This is why he is the loser. I have been involved in
marketing, and later Internet marketing, since 1989 and I
have always offered a full money back guarantee. I have had
very few takers! This confirms my faith in my products and
confirms that I make more money by giving that guarantee.

Let me give you an example. I recently came across a "quit
smoking" product. It is expensive but comes with a full
money back guarantee. If it does not work you get your
money back. Now, this is cut and dried. If it works you pay
your money and save a fortune as you no longer have to buy
cigarettes and you also get massive health benefits.

If it doesn't work you get your money back. To me that is
the Internet in action!
John Piper is a freelance researcher and writer with four
books under his belt. He specialises in stock markets and
health. Feel free to contact the author at
john@ttttt.freeserve.co.uk for details of our current free
offer. If you want to stop smoking go to
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