Choose the Wrong Hosting Company and You Are Doomed
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Note: Even though we don't agree with some of the 
statements regarding the cost of web design, the rest
of article makes sense.

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Running an online business sounds like a piece of cake. 
You hire someone to develop a flashy website, your throw a
few products on a few pages and then you sit back and wait
for the cash to flow in.  You should have thought of this
years ago!  It's practically a no-brainer.

Well I am here to tell you that you should choose a very
cushiony chair to wait in because you will be waiting for
that cash to roll in for a long, long time.  Running an
online business is as easy or as difficult as you make it. 
The secret to online business success is simple- choose the
best tools, the best customers and offer the best product. 
You should not be running a website.  You should not be
focusing on technology.

You need to zero in on your business.  If your business has
nothing to do with website design then I recommend staying
away from website design in your day-to-day operations. 
Getting caught up in the technological jungle is
devastating for online businesses.  You must focus on your
customer and not on the technology it takes to drive your

You have a few options.  You can hire a designer, but this
will cost you several thousands of dollars.  This will also
become a pain as you need things updated.  I can almost
guarantee you that every time you want to add, change,
delete or fix something on your site you will have to wait
for days if not weeks.  You will also be charged.  Hiring a
web designer is like tossing money out the window if you
ask me.

Your other option is to do-it-yourself.  The sheer amount
of hosting companies that offer a template for you to build
your business around is staggering.  The best way to sort
through the marketing hype and clutter is to do a gut
check.  What does your gut say when you read these hype
campaigns to buy a domain, a year of hosting and a template
to build your website for $60?  Is it possible to invest
$60 for the year and expect to have a legitimate and
profitable online business?

You tell me.  What does your gut say?  The bottom line is
that there is a lot more to running an online business. 
You need more than a domain, hosting plan and template. 
You need support.  You need a way to rank well at search
engines.  You need to know how to rank well at search
engines.  You need to know the best way to earn income
through your site.  You need to be able to track each and
every visitor back to the referring source.  You need to
know how each and every page of your website ranks at all
the major search engines.  You need to know exactly what to
do to make them rank better.

Beyond all of that, you need a newsletter to keep in
contact with your visitors.  You need a blog.  You need a
way to create a contact form.  You need a way to easily
update your site in a minute or less, without the hassle of
calling a designer.  You need to provide excellent customer
service to your customers via excellent information and
targeted products.  You need to draw free hot leads from
the search engines every single day.

All of those things require more than a domain, a hosting
plan and a template.  By the time you add up all the costs
of most do-it-yourself web business plans, you are spending
close to a $500 and up.  Sure it beats a designer by
thousands of dollars, but what is the cost for all the time
you are going to spend creating and learning the new

Running an online business is hard.  It takes time to
develop and it takes courage to stay with it.  Running a
business involves taking calculated risks.  Any good
business person knows that they need the best tools and the
best companies to succeed.

Here's a solid and responsible online business plan of
action.  Find a hosting company that delivers everything
you need in one swift swoop.  Find a company that allows
you to create custom reports about your visitors.  Find one
that knocks your socks off.  Find one that makes your gut

You will be more successful.  You will be happier and less
stressed.  You will finally be able to focus on your
business and not the technology.  You will have cracked the
secret to online business success- choose the best tools,
the best customers and offer the best product.
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